Are you blushing?

Flushed Cheeks: Blush palettes to add to your makeup collection

Usually, on a normal days majority of people don’t use or put blush on.  Exceptionally of course, if you have a good glowing skin and has a baby rosy cheeks then you are the lucky ones that come with it naturally. Nowadays there are few products that can mimic the natural look of blushing skin.

The right blush has the ability to transform your skin by warming up your complexion and adding a beautiful flush. Not only can blushes be used to illuminate your skin tone, the right blush shade will be able to add dimension to your face.

It is no easy task finding the right blush shade though. Chances are you are looking for variety to mix and match and that’s where blush palettes come in handy. Not only will your blushes be placed in a single casing, you will be able to mix shades to create a custom blend.  We also love the fact that blush palettes are easy to travel with and it can even double up as eyeshadows on your trip. For a sheerer colour pay off, use a fluffy blending brush.

You’ll be able to go from a flush of berry to kissable checks in no time.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow is my newest favourite and it is now on the top of my list. It is subtle and it gives you the glow of natural radiance, good pigmentation and best value for money.

It is soft and gentle to your skin and complements all skin tones. Easy to apply and buildable to your liking.

It has 3 shades: Highlights (luminous gold peach), Blush (warm peach glow), Bronze (soft peachy bronze).

The scent is heaven. I love the peachy aroma it’s amazing. You have the option of applying it to your body and it works wonderfully.

The packaging is easy to store and it is handy and sleek design. From bronzing, blush and highlights are in one palette which is great. If you want one of this you need to grab as soon as possible because they easily get sold.

Please comment down below let me know your experience with this palette; or do you have other favourites of too faced? let me know and what you think about this brand.

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