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Crystal is the oldest.  The most awaited moment and the hardest part of the mom. I felt the pain of Pixie when she was in labour, luckily it did not take that long before crystal came out. We are all hysterical when I saw it was crowning. Stephanie was running around and panicking then she started getting her gloves and she became my assistant. I was very proud of her ,she wasn’t scared of receiving the placenta that I handed over to her whilst I’m clamping the umbilical cord.  Each  puppy only has like 30 to 45 minutes gap in between them, Pixie did a good job.The entire experience of delivering the puppies and seeing it in action was rewarding and the feeling was fulfilling afterwards. Thank God, her delivery was a success. I was worried that she might have caesarean because she is only 10 months old and being a pomeranian she has a small built and then it would cost me a fortune  for it.  How amazing God’s creations . Life is so precious indeed.
Crystal apparently the biggest to compare when they all came out. She is almost pure white. She has a tint of very pale light brown on her ears just like her dad who is a maltese.
She was the first one to grab the mom’s breast and she can drink milk for england. She won’t stop, thats why she’s a lot bigger now . She likes to sleep on her back with all legs widely stretched facing up. When I noticed it, I said just exactly like Bonito . Her dad sleeps like that too.So funny how genetic works. Below are the photos of Crystal at 1 month old.











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