My Pet’s new family

 I’M Brownie

This is Brownie. He was born on Jan 13, 2018. His mom is a Pomeranian and Dad is a Maltese. He is the second among the 4 puppies. He is so adorable. They are all lovely. I did not expect to be able to assist in the delivery of her puppies. I got myself prepared for the special day, read a lot of books and self-taught that way, organized all the stuff that was needed based on what I read.  I am glad I have experienced it though because it was so overwhelming and satisfying feeling, although at first, I was petrified and not so sure what to expect when the second pup came out then I got the hang of it and started to calm down.

So this is it! My adorable cute little brownie. He opened his eyes at 3rd week and started to move his footsteps. He walked at 3 wks and 3 days but still a little bit wobbly but feet are firmly on the ground. So amazing how fast they develop from one stage to the other.

SAM_0891 3.jpgSAM_0887.jpgSAM_0864.jpgSAM_0888.jpgSAM_0870.jpgSAM_0889.jpg


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