How did I end up with a pet?

your pet

At first, I really don’t like any pets at home. Not because I hated them perse.  What I don’t like about them is the noise, the dirt, the mess in the house that they will create every single day. Also, having very young kids in the house isn’t really a good combination. That’s what I think. I am very obsessed in making sure the house is spotless therefore having dogs in the house would just make me more irritable. My kids had been begging to have a dog pet before and firmly said No!!! its not happening.

Until one day, I was watching the Britain’s Got Talent show. There was these adorable maltese dog performing an amazing talents and he won it. The next day, everything changed. Its like I was possessed that made me decide the next day  to buy a dog.  And guess what I bought exactly the same kind of breed.  I got an 8 weeks old maltese  boy by then and I absolutely adore that cute little puppy. I haven’t regretted having a dog at all, he is the most loving, cuddly, fluffy cute puppy that I could never have if it wasn’t for that britain got talent show. We named him BONITO.

These are the 3 Reasons Why Pets Are A Blessing To Us

Shared via Lifestyle – African Paradise World on October 30, 2017 .

Pets are sometimes more than friends and families. They could do the unbelievable to make our lives happy in many ways. God’s creation is simply amazing and we should appreciate itD065E820-925A-4614-81E8-F5061DA81CB4
Home pets are blessings to us in life.Home pets are blessings to us. I believe anyone who has pets or love pets will like this post.Yes!, I dedicate this post to you. I have been staying with dogs for long and I know how adorable they are. So today, I would like us to consider why God created these domestic animals for us.

They existed before us, I mean God created animals before human beings.  Since creation, the coördination between pets and human beings has been friendly and interesting. In this very post I will mainly talk about cats and dogs because they are the most popular pets in many houses today.  However, some people go to the extreme of domesticating wild animals like tigers, lions, crocodile. etc. as pets. That is a risky kind of game, taming wild animals and staying with them in the house is very risky. I wouldn’t do that. Let me go with my cats and dogs. Recently, while I was watching television, I saw the cat ranked as the most extreme killer animal in the world, and that is above lions and all the other wild animals you could name of. Simply because the cat kills its preys at a higher rate than all other predators.

How many pets do you have? Do you like 2C060AA6-32D4-427D-80C6-0F281BCD23CCthem? Do they play any significant roles in your life? Birds for instance teach us a lot of lessons in life Now below are some of the amazing moments pets take us through in life.

1. Friendliness:C3EED2D0-3FA5-42CB-885A-F96C46967BAC
Some pets are more than human friends, they will play with you,make you smile every second to forget about your loneliness or life problems. Dogs for instance are smart enough to understand basic instructions from humans. They can play soccer with you in the field,they can jog with you, they can go hunting with you and do a lot of things to spice your day.They are a kind of pets that can be your best companion if you have no friends.Cats on the other hand sometimes behave like human beings and can give you amazing stunts anywhere, they can make you laugh till you crack your ribs.Nothing is beautiful than having these two kinds of pets in the house.

2. Comforts:5ADBC1F7-6A08-4CA2-A265-F238BC335407
Pets like  dogs, are able to give a lot of
comforts, they understand human feelings and actions.  There was a story I read a few months ago, whenever the man becomes sad, his dog notices it and do you know how his dog comforts him?  The dog will show his love and condolences to his owner by picking old socks to his owner. Wow! that’s funny !. The dog believes, giving his owner socks will cheer him up.  They can also lie on your lap, whip the tail and do a lot of signs to cheer you up.  They can even tease you to get into action by playing with them to forget about your anxieties or pains.

3. Protection:

He is on guard all the time.

F3953954-E872-4475-810D-37277685FA97A524F978-48BD-4541-B123-261C1EF5946E When you have dogs as pets in your house, you need not to worry much about your security. They can sound alarm of intruders in your house by barking aggressively.  As for security dogs working with the police, they are exceptional.

Let me know guys of your first experience when u had your first pet.

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