Why I wanted to start blogging?


Why I’m blogging?

It is a good question. As we grow older our patterns in life changes, the things that we used to like before may not be the same things that we like now. Perhaps, it is also a choice on what we wanted to do in that present moment in time.



Life is like  a roller coaster. We’re up and sometimes we’re down. Nothing is permanent I’m afraid.

If  there’s any changes that we would like to do I presumed it’s for the best. I used to be very active person but sadly, to say as we starting to “grow older” our start up engine is no longer as instant rechargeable compared in younger years.

Now back to the question on why I want to do blogging. Firstly, it really doesn’t take much of physical energy to drain me which is a good thing. Secondly, I’m a single mom, I think it’s a good way to entertain myself by writing and knowing what’s happening out there in the worldwideweb by not having to go out. Right? Or maybe I’m just getting boring to some people and I’m sticking my head down in the internet and only my keyboard is my company.  Ooops not really I’m lying there I have a lovely 2 adorable kids and 2 cute dogs Pomeranian girl and boy maltese. So I’m quite entertained in that aspect by them.

thirdly, I love to communicate to people. So even I don’t physically interacting if I’m getting a good response and feedback from my blog then I will call it a day. My day is complete.

So I hope , will hear from you all soon .
The Journey Begins


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